Top 18 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels in 2024

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Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels in 2024
Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels

Soccer, known as football in many parts of the world, has garnered immense popularity on YouTube. With millions of fans worldwide, the platform hosts a vast array of soccer-related content, from match highlights to in-depth analyses.

For soccer enthusiasts, selecting the right YouTube channels is crucial. Whether you’re looking for match highlights, tactical insights, or entertaining content, subscribing to the appropriate channels ensures a fulfilling soccer experience tailored to your preferences.

Top 18 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels in 2024

Today, we’re thrilled to present our curated list of the top 18 must-follow soccer YouTube channels in 2024. Covering a diverse range of content, from skill showcases to tactical breakdowns, these channels promise to elevate your soccer viewing experience.

1. F2Freestylers: A Showcase of Skill and Creativity

F2Freestylers A Showcase of Skill and Creativity
F2Freestylers: Soccer YouTube Channels

Founded by Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, F2Freestylers captivates viewers with jaw-dropping ball control, mesmerizing trick shots, and exclusive glimpses into the world of football. Their channel is a treasure trove for those who appreciate the artistry and skill inherent in the sport.

2. COPA90 Stories: Unearthing Football’s Rich Tapestry

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024

COPA90 Stories goes beyond the pitch to explore the diverse and inspiring narratives that define football. From grassroots initiatives to tales of triumph and resilience, this channel offers a fresh perspective on the global game.

3. Football Daily: Your Daily Dose of Football Updates

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
Football Daily: Soccer YouTube Channels

For fans craving daily doses of football news, analysis, and highlights, Football Daily is the ultimate destination. With a team of passionate pundits, they keep viewers informed and engaged with the latest developments from around the world.

4. freekickerz: Mastering the Art of Free Kicks

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
freekickerz: Soccer Youtube Channels

freekickerz celebrates the art of set pieces with compilations of the finest free kicks and long-range goals from across the globe. Aspiring players can also benefit from their tutorials, designed to help improve technique and precision.

8.6M subscribers

5. UEFA: Behind-the-Scenes Access to European Football

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
UEFA official Soccer YouTube Channel

As the governing body of European football, UEFA’s official YouTube channel provides unparalleled access to the continent’s premier competitions. From match highlights to exclusive interviews, fans can immerse themselves in the drama of the Champions League, Europa League, and more.

6. ChrisMD: Tactical Insights and Analysis

Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels
ChrisMD Soccer YouTube Channel

Former professional footballer ChrisMD offers a unique perspective on the game with insightful analyses and tactical breakdowns. His ability to demystify complex concepts makes his content accessible to fans of all levels.

7. AFTV (Arsenal Fan TV): A Platform for Arsenal Fans

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
AFTV (Arsenal Fan TV Soccer YouTube Channel

AFTV serves as a platform for Arsenal supporters to voice their opinions, share their reactions, and connect with fellow fans. With post-match discussions, fan interviews, and insider insights, it’s a must-watch for anyone passionate about the Gunners.

8. The Athletic Football Podcast: In-Depth Analysis from Experts

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
The Athletic Football Podcast

Hosted by British television presenter, Ayo Akinwolere, The Athletic Football Podcast offers in-depth analysis and discussion on all aspects of the beautiful game. With their wealth of experience, they provide valuable insights that enrich the footballing discourse.

9. Premier League: Highlights and Insights from England’s Top Flight

Premier League YouTube Channel
Premier League YouTube Channel

The official YouTube channel of the Premier League is a treasure trove for fans of English football. From match highlights to behind-the-scenes content, it offers a comprehensive look at one of the world’s most exciting leagues.

10. The Coaches’ Voice: Gaining Insights from the Best Coaches

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
The Coaches Voice: Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels

The Coaches’ Voice provides a platform for the world’s top coaches to share their expertise, tactics, and experiences. Whether you’re a budding manager or a seasoned fan, their insights offer valuable lessons in the art of coaching.

11. That’s Football: Engaging Content for Football Fans

Thats Football YouTube Channel
That’s Football YouTube Channel

That’s Football is a channel dedicated to delivering engaging content for football fans worldwide. With a mix of highlights, analysis, and fan interactions, it keeps viewers entertained and informed about the latest happenings in the world of football.

12. Tifo Football: Discovering Football Culture Around the Globe

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
Tifo Football YouTube Channel

Tifo Football is your go-to channel for understanding the tactical side of football in simple terms. They break down complex strategies used by teams worldwide, making it easy for any fan to grasp. From explaining formations to analyzing match performances, Tifo Football’s videos are both informative and engaging. Whether you’re a casual fan or a tactical expert, their content enriches your understanding of the game in a friendly and accessible way.

13. 442oons: Satirical Takes on Football News

442oons YouTube Channel
442oons YouTube Channel

Using animation to lampoon the latest football news and events, 442oons delivers laughs aplenty to fans worldwide. With their witty sketches and clever parodies, they add a comedic twist to the footballing landscape.

14. Unisport: Your Gateway to Football Excellence

442oons YouTube Channel 1
442oons YouTube Channel

Unisport is a must-follow YouTube channel for football enthusiasts, offering the latest in football boots, gear, and tutorials to enhance your game. Unisport is a trusted source for players looking to elevate their performance on the field. Moreover, they regularly feature interviews with football’s biggest stars, making their channel a one-stop destination for all things football. Led by a team of passionate football players and fans, including JayMike, Will John, PWG, and more, Unisport is dedicated to delivering top-notch football content to its viewers.

15. Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal

Top 20 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal YouTube Channel

Oh My Goal invites you to dive into the heart of football. Discover exclusive player profiles featuring legends like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé, Haaland, and Rui Costa. Their in-depth analysis and captivating stories unveil the hidden narratives of the beautiful game, from Neymar’s inspiring journey to Mourinho’s passionate outbursts. With Soccer Stories: Oh My Goal, you’ll explore the vibrant world of football like never before..

16. The Men in Blazers: A Unique American Perspective on Football

The Men in Blazers YouTube Channel
The Men in Blazers YouTube Channel

Roger Bennett and Michael Davies offer a distinctively American take on football with The Men in Blazers. Through their comedic lens, they provide entertaining commentary and analysis that resonates with fans across the pond.

17. The Tactical Manager: Simplifying Football Tactics for All Fans

Top 18 Must-Follow Soccer YouTube Channels In 2024
The Tactical Manager Soccer YouTube channel

Dedicated to dissecting football tactics, The Tactical Manager breaks down complex concepts into digestible insights. Whether you’re a casual fan or a tactical aficionado, their content offers something for everyone.

18. The Football Terrace: A Community Hub for Football Fans

The Football Terrace Soccer YouTube Channel
The Football Terrace Soccer YouTube Channel

The Football Terrace brings fans together to discuss the latest news, events, and controversies in the world of football. With live watch parties and interactive discussions, it fosters a sense of community among football enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the world of soccer on YouTube offers a vast array of channels catering to every football fan’s preferences. Whether you’re seeking expert analysis, exclusive player interviews, or captivating storytelling, there’s a channel out there for you. From the technical breakdowns of Tifo Football to the immersive player profiles of Soccer Stories: Oh My Goal, each channel brings its own unique flavor to the table.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and the “best” channel ultimately depends on your individual preferences and what you’re looking for in a YouTube channel. I encourage you to explore the options and discover which ones resonate most with you!

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