200 Badass Female Rogue Names with meanings

By Steanlee

200 Badass Female Rogue Names With Meaning
Badass Female Rogue Names With Meaning

Rogue characters are the rebellious heroes of fantasy and gaming, always shrouded in mystery and mischief. A great name is key—it sets the stage for their daring adventures and gives life to their unique traits and backgrounds.

In this post, we’ve gathered 200 badass female rogue names with meanings. Perfect for role-playing games, writing, or any creative venture, these names will help your rogue character stand out and make an impression.

Badass Female Rogue Names
List of 50 Badass Female Rogue Names

Badass female rogue names with meanings (A to R List)

Here’s a list of 99 badass female rogue names (A-R), along with their meanings. Each name is perfect for capturing the mysterious and daring vibe of a rogue character.

Most Badass female rogue names with meanings (S to Z List)

Here’s a list of 89 badass female rogue names from S to Z, with their meanings

Fantasy Badass Female Rogue Names with Meaning

Here’s a list of 20 badass female rogue names. Each name reflects a blend of power and mystique, making them ideal for rogue characters.


Choosing the right rogue name adds depth and excitement to your character. Feel free to play with these names or come up with your own. A great name makes your rogue unforgettable!

Share your favorite names from the list or your own creations in the comments.

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